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We want to help Allah Almighty and rely on the commitment and expertise of our erudite, operative and lover human resources by the year 2021, the country's top brand will become more attractive to stakeholders and especially customers, and have the highest market share.


Mahya Protein company as one of the most popular brands in the supply of protein products and products based on customer orientation and customer service principles, ensuring food safety and paying attention to the establishment of quality management systems in accordance with ISO9001:2008, food safety management ISO22000:2005, HACCP and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard, and enforcing related laws and establishing appropriate communication, will focus on the following objectives in order to continuously improve its performance at all levels of the organization.
1) Create effective communication with all stakeholders in order to improve productivity, quality and safety.

2) Focusing on the requirements of customers and increasing their satisfaction by providing products of superior quality and appropriate safety.

3) Ensure compliance with all laws and standards of the quality management and regulatory system and strive to achieve national and international standards to ensure the health, hygiene and quality of all supplied products and their continuous improvement.

4) Improvement of the level of knowledge and awareness of the personnel of the organization and the development of the spirit of its affiliation and continually improve the quality and guarantee the safety of products.

5) Efforts to create jobs and entrepreneurship to achieve a healthy and vibrant society by expanding the organization's social responsibility in various fields.

6) With a comprehensive approach to environmental issues and pollution control at source, the priority of activities is based on the prevention of environmental pollution.

All colleagues and resource makers of Mahya Protein are committed to working in an active and intimate family with a systematic approach and as an opportunity to make this policy a worthwhile practice.

This policy is a framework for determining the organization's goals and is measurable and will be reviewed as needed in management review meetings.

Behzad Darkhor